Monday, January 9, 2012

it's been awhile since this page was updated, so this might be a big one...
since the last time we've updated we've had a handful of new releases and did a tour of the midwest. we also welcomed Jayson Gubala to the mix as our vocalist. been playing shows pretty regularly with a ton of great bands from the midwest grind alliance. here's a list of old, recent and upcoming releases.
2011 Releases:
"Smoking Sherm with Corey Haim's Corpse" CS/CDR/Download (Give Praise/foaDIY)
FXDX/Lt. Dan split CDR (Smoked Out Tapes/foaDIY)
FXDX/Shit Life split CDR/CS (foaDIY)
"Practice Demos Summer 2011" CS (foaDIY)
"Some Stuff 2011" CDR (foaDIY)
Upcoming Releases:
FXDX/Bruxism split CS/CD (Placenta Recordings/DIY Noise)
FXDX/Agathocles split CS (Bluntforce)
"Mustache Mincers" 10" comp. *featuring - Pizzahifive, Powercup, Violent Gorge, Archagathus, Lt. Dan, THC, Paucities, Cogs and Sprockets + More!* (Pan Del Muerte Recs)
"FXDX VS RedSK" CS (Trashfuck Records)
FXDX/Archagathus split 7"/CS (7inch: To Live A Lie/Placenta Recordings/Smoked Out Tapes/Trashfuck Records/Bluntforce/foaDIY. More labels needed for 7"! Tape: Operation Grindcore/DIY Noise *US version* Tombs In The Valley *UK version*)
FXDX/NMA/Abe Lincoln 3 way split CS (Smoked Out Tapes)
FXDX/Powercup/Violent Gorge/THC 4 way split CS (Tombs In The Valley)
FXDX/Couple Skate split CS (LABELS NEEDED!!!)
we only have one show as of right now and it's at Halfway House in Detroit on February 25th with Shit Life, NMA, Inhaling The Plague, Pathogenic Dysentery, Hideous CHUD + some more I think.
I guess that's about all of the updates we have for now. we'll be updating this page a lot more, so keep checking back!
Will & FXDX

Monday, February 7, 2011

update feb 7th 2011

so, we got some shit coming out and some new shit out. since the last post, we've released a live split with Total Hipster Crusher on CDR. it's limited to 100 copies and is a co release between fuck off and DIY & blunt force. you can contact us or THC for a copy of that.
We also released the "live at papa lose" CDR. we're just getting rid of these at shows. also, we're repressing our split tape with SMG for mailorder and some shows. now onto the new releases.

Up first is our split cassette with agathocles. featuring 4 trax recorded live in germany from agathocles and 6 trax recorded on a four track from us. Histoplasmosis Records will be releasing 100 copies of this as well as 100 from fuck off and DIY and 100 from smoked out tapes. should be out in the next few weeks.
Shortly after that, we'll be releasing our EP titled "smoking sherm with corey haim's corpse" on cassette. fuck off and DIY will be covering the release it this limited to 100 copies. it's got 7 studio recorded trax on side A and some live shit on side B. should be out within a month, just gotta finish vocals.
Also, from april 13 to april 19th we'll be on tour with our longtime grindhomeys THC. We'll be going through ohio, wisconsin, indiana, and minnesota and then back. as soon as i get final dates and venues, i'll post them up here. be sure to come out and fucking grind with us!!!

Sunday, May 9, 2010


So, we're gonna hopefully have some shirts and patches at our next shows in addition to cds and cassettes. We'll have smalls, mediums, and larges of our t shirts. The picture I've attached is what the design will look like. If you want to purchase a shirt from us, email us at or leave us a comment here.


so, we've got some shows coming up this month. on may 23rd we'll be playing justice records in mt. pleasant with CAPTAIN CLEANOFF (AU), THC (MI) and CLOUD RAT (MI). be sure to come to that shit. on may 25th we'll be playing the meat mansion in ann arbor with MISANTHROPIC NOISE (CT), PIZZAHIFIVE (OH), LT.DAN (MI), SHIT LIFE (MI) and STABBED IN THE FACE (MI). You will not want to miss this show. here's the flyer for may 25th:

split tape w/ SMG

so we're doing a split tape with SMG. this tape will be limited to 40 copies and is going to be released by horns and hoofs records out of canada. features new studio and live trax from both FxDx and SMG.
the tracklist is:
1. Swayze's Buried
2. 925 Suicide
3. Blunticide
4. Why hasn't Testament died yet? (live)
5. Drug Charges (live)

1. Self Esteem
2. Online Anarchy
3. Beating the Shadow/Time Up - Super Censor/Sci Fi Faith (live medley 2007)

expect to see this in the trading circuit, at our shows, at SMG shows and via Horns and Hoofs VERY soon.