Sunday, May 9, 2010

split tape w/ SMG

so we're doing a split tape with SMG. this tape will be limited to 40 copies and is going to be released by horns and hoofs records out of canada. features new studio and live trax from both FxDx and SMG.
the tracklist is:
1. Swayze's Buried
2. 925 Suicide
3. Blunticide
4. Why hasn't Testament died yet? (live)
5. Drug Charges (live)

1. Self Esteem
2. Online Anarchy
3. Beating the Shadow/Time Up - Super Censor/Sci Fi Faith (live medley 2007)

expect to see this in the trading circuit, at our shows, at SMG shows and via Horns and Hoofs VERY soon.

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