Monday, January 9, 2012

it's been awhile since this page was updated, so this might be a big one...
since the last time we've updated we've had a handful of new releases and did a tour of the midwest. we also welcomed Jayson Gubala to the mix as our vocalist. been playing shows pretty regularly with a ton of great bands from the midwest grind alliance. here's a list of old, recent and upcoming releases.
2011 Releases:
"Smoking Sherm with Corey Haim's Corpse" CS/CDR/Download (Give Praise/foaDIY)
FXDX/Lt. Dan split CDR (Smoked Out Tapes/foaDIY)
FXDX/Shit Life split CDR/CS (foaDIY)
"Practice Demos Summer 2011" CS (foaDIY)
"Some Stuff 2011" CDR (foaDIY)
Upcoming Releases:
FXDX/Bruxism split CS/CD (Placenta Recordings/DIY Noise)
FXDX/Agathocles split CS (Bluntforce)
"Mustache Mincers" 10" comp. *featuring - Pizzahifive, Powercup, Violent Gorge, Archagathus, Lt. Dan, THC, Paucities, Cogs and Sprockets + More!* (Pan Del Muerte Recs)
"FXDX VS RedSK" CS (Trashfuck Records)
FXDX/Archagathus split 7"/CS (7inch: To Live A Lie/Placenta Recordings/Smoked Out Tapes/Trashfuck Records/Bluntforce/foaDIY. More labels needed for 7"! Tape: Operation Grindcore/DIY Noise *US version* Tombs In The Valley *UK version*)
FXDX/NMA/Abe Lincoln 3 way split CS (Smoked Out Tapes)
FXDX/Powercup/Violent Gorge/THC 4 way split CS (Tombs In The Valley)
FXDX/Couple Skate split CS (LABELS NEEDED!!!)
we only have one show as of right now and it's at Halfway House in Detroit on February 25th with Shit Life, NMA, Inhaling The Plague, Pathogenic Dysentery, Hideous CHUD + some more I think.
I guess that's about all of the updates we have for now. we'll be updating this page a lot more, so keep checking back!
Will & FXDX

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